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Imagine an Inclusive World

We can see it: a generation of respect, of acceptance, of diversity. A generation that leads together—and learns together.

This is how we can build an inclusive world … for all of us. Can you see it?
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Join the Revolution

As we move forward, we need to know you’re with us. Be a revolutionary and help end discrimination against people with Intellectual Disabilities.

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Britney Takes the Lead

Britney was bullied at a young age—but through inclusion, she has found her place.

Unified Is a Life Skill

Through inclusion, young people around the world are learning how celebrating ALL abilities makes the world a better place for everyone. As you'll see, we are better...together.

Grace & Matthew

"There's just something about unified..." Unified Sports is just one way we are bringing our communities together, but it can't end there! Sign the Inclusion Pledge and be part of this joyful revolution!