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Three Tax-Smart Ways to Support Special Olympics and Embrace the Power of Firsts

A man has his arm around the shoulder of an athletes that's showing off his medal.

Special Olympics has long provided transformative opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to experience the "power of first"—from a first goal scored to a first race won or even a first friendship. These life-changing "firsts" build self-belief and resilience.

However, for every athlete who experiences these empowering moments, 13 others wait for their chance to shine. You can help bring these opportunities closer through three tax-smart giving opportunities:

Grants From Your Donor-Advised Fund:

  • Give Now: Recommend a grant from your DAF to Special Olympics. Set up recurring gifts to extend your support.
  • Extend your Generosity: Designate Special Olympics to receive funds remaining in your DAF through your succession plan.

Give from Your IRA:

  • Give Now: You're 70 1⁄2 or older, you can make a qualified charitable distribution (QDC or IRA Rollover) and transfer up to $100,000 from your IRA to Special Olympics tax-free. This satisfies your required minimum distribution without increasing taxable income.
  • Extend your Generosity: Name Special Olympics a beneficiary of all or some of your retirement plan.

Gifts of Stock:

  • Give Now: Donating appreciated securities avoids capital gains tax, provides a deduction, and maximizes impact.
  • Extend your Generosity: Special Olympics can be named a beneficiary of your brokerage account or other financial accounts.

Your gifts help people with intellectual disabilities to experience their own "firsts" on the field, track or court. Your contribution makes a real difference, allowing more athletes to feel the power of their first goal, win or friendship.

Every "first" builds courage, confidence, and community. Together, we can harness the spirit of sportsmanship to create a more inclusive world. With your help, Special Olympics athletes can continue to push limits and defy expectations.

No matter the size or method, your tax-smart gift fuels these moments of achievement and growth. It brings opportunity closer for the 13 athletes eagerly waiting on the sidelines for their chance to shine.

The power of firsts is undeniable. Will you rise to the occasion and help Special Olympics athletes embrace the power of firsts? With your support, more goals will be scored, more races run, and more friendships forged. Let's build a world of inclusion, one powerful "first" at a time.