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When Someone You Love Has Special Needs

When you have a loved one with special needs, planning for the future is even more important, but can be more complicated. In addition to creating the necessary lifetime plans for yourself and your family, you may be concerned about how to manage care for your loved one and your assets when you are gone.
Special Olympics Australia athlete, Tim Gould, jumping with racket in hand to reach the tennis ball.

Creating your own plan and establishing a life plan for your family member can help ensure they have the support they need. You will gain peace of mind as well as a sense of control.

It’s critical to seek the good counsel of an experienced attorney and financial advisor, particularly those who specialize in life and estate planning for people with special needs and their families.

Our resources offer some general insight into possible options as you work with your advisors to ensure your loved one is protected and cared for long term, and that their possible government assistance and benefits are not jeopardized.

You can request or download a copy of our free brochure, “Planning When Someone You Love Has Special Needs,” through the Resources link below.

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