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Catherine and Claude’s Moment

Discover how Special Olympics Unified Sports created a positive change in their son’s life.

Catherine and Claude Dayas-Tokoto emigrated from Cameroon to the United States to provide a better life for their children including their first-born Prince, who has autism. When Prince began his involvement in Special Olympics Unified Sports® at Kenmore Middle School, Catherine and Claude’s perceptions changed of what the future would hold for their son.

Catherine and Claude’s Moment

Watch the trailer of Catherine and Claude’s Moment. For the full version, check out the newly designed www.generationunified.org.

Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools® is a program for schools Pre-K through university that intentionally promotes meaningful social inclusion by bringing together students with and without intellectual disabilities to create accepting school environments, utilizing three interconnected components: Special Olympics Unified Sports®, inclusive youth leadership, and whole school engagement. Thanks to Unified Champion Schools, Prince was able to make friends, discover new talents and most of all be included.

A photo of the Dayas-Tokoto family.
The Dayas-Tokoto family. Catherine is on the far left, Claude is on the far right and Prince is in the middle.

Last year, Kenmore Middle School was named an ESPN Top 5 Unified Champion School with national banner recognition. These are schools that reach have met the 10 standards of excellence needed to receive national banner status and then are selected by to receive Banner Presentation Ceremonies at their school with support from ESPN. Check out the 2019 Top 5 Schools here.

Three million young people participate in 6,500 Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools® across the US with support from the US Office of Special Education Programs at the US Department of Education. These young people make up the Unified Generation. They are taking personal ownership within their schools and communities to ensure that everyone has the right to play, learn and live together through shared leadership opportunities of students with and without intellectual disabilities. To learn more about the Unified Generation, visit: https://www.generationunified.org/

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