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Celebrate Mother’s Day from Around the World with Special Olympics Athletes

Join Special Olympics Athletes as they wish their mothers and mothers around the world a very happy Mother's Day!

Flip each card and read the message.
Victor and Matilda Ijembe smiling in a selfie together

Victor Iijembe – Special Olympics Kenya

World Games Sport: Basketball
Mother: Matilda Iijembe

“My mum introduced me to Special Olympics and has supported me throughout the years. She has been travelling with me during the games since 2007 to now. Special Olympics has empowered me and taught me a lot of things. This Mother’s Day I would like to thank my Mum for being a part of my athletic journey at Special Olympics.”
Wang and her mom, Lin, in a selfie together

Wang Pei-I – Special Olympics Chinese Taipei

World Games Sport: Bocce
Mother: Lin Mei-Qiong

“My mom always protects me, stays with me and supports me in whatever I want. I wouldn't be who I am without her love. Thank you for letting me race in Germany! Mom, I love you <3”
Jia-Sin Lu and her mom, Yu-Hsaun smiling in a selfie together

Jia-Sin Lu – Special Olympics Chinese Taipei

World Games Sport: Athletics
Mother: Yu-Hsuan

“My mother has been very demanding on my physical fitness since I was a child, and she often takes me on holidays to travel for sport. I am very grateful to my mother for taking care of me. I hope you are always healthy, and I love you.”
Hsin Wen Tzu with her mother, Zheng as they take a mirror selfie standing next to each other

Hsin Wen Tzu – Special Olympics Chinese Taipei

World Games Sport: Table Tennis
Mother: Zheng Yu-Juan

“Thank you, Mom, for supporting me to participate in Special Olympics. We are friends and can talk about anything. When I am helpless, you are always the first to show up and discuss with me how to deal with things. I am like a child; my mother will tolerate me and reason with me. You have worked hard, and when I have a job, I will save money and take you out to play. Happy Mother's Day!"
Ku Yu-Hsuan and others making hearts with their fingers while posing for a group photo around Ku’s mother, Chen

Ku Yu-Hsuan – Special Olympics Chinese Taipei

World Games Sport: Football
Mother: Chen Li-Hua

“I love you, Mom. I want to be a great woman like you and win the world championship."
Huang Jou-Fei with her arms around her mother’s next as they smile for a photo together

Huang Jou-Fei – Special Olympics Chinese Taipei

World Games Sport: Football

Mother: Ruan Shih Chen

“Mommy, I love you. I'll work hard and buy lots of gifts for you.”
Yen Ju-Yu and their mother, Song, sitting looking at the camera for a photo

Yen Ju-Yu – Special Olympics Chinese Taipei

World Games Sport: Football
Mother: Song Ciou Mei

“Granny, I love you. You must always be healthy. I hope you can stand by me for my whole life.”
Lin yu-Sin and her mother, Tseng standing shoulder to shoulder as they smile for a photo

Lin yu-Sin – Special Olympics Chinese Taipei

World Games Sport: Badminton
Mother: Tseng Wan-Yu

“Mom always gets up early to prepare breakfast for me. My mother is often concerned about my academic grades and performance. My mother always encourages and accompanies me when I encounter difficulties. Mom taught me how to be a kind and considerate person. Thank you, dear Mom, happy Mother's Day!”
You-Xian Lin and his mother, Yu-Hui Lin smiling for a selfie together

You-Xian Lin – Special Olympics R.O.C. World Games sport: Basketball Mother’s Name: Yu-Hui Lin

World Games Sport: Basketball
Mother: Yu-Hui Lin

“Hello, everyone. I am You-Xian Lin, an athlete of Special Olympics Chinese Taipei. Today is Mother’s Day. I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. Thank you for giving birth to me in this world and letting me experience the journey of life, although I always talk back to you and quarrel with you. Thank you, Mom, I wish you a happy Mother’s Day.”
孫仲良/Sun Zhong Liang and his mother, 蕭珀如/Shiao Poru smiling for a selfie together

孫仲良/Sun Zhong Liang – Special Olympics 台灣/Taiwan

World Games Sport: 羽毛球/badminton Mother: 蕭珀如/Shiao Poru

“Mom, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for everything you have done for me. You have been my constant support and encouragement throughout my life. Your love, guidance and sacrifices have shaped me into the person I am today. I cannot imagine where I would be without you. Thank you for always being there for me, even during the toughest of times. I love you more than words can express.”
Koulibali Ténélo Marie Emmanuelle and her mother, Koné, with their arms around each other on a basketball court

Koulibali Ténélo Marie Emmanuelle – Special Olympics Côte d'Ivoire

World Games sport: Unified Basketball 5x5
Mother: Koné Siguissonguy Djénébou

“Merci Maman pour ton amour et ton soutien. Merci pour ton aide en mon endroit, tu tout pour moi et je voudrais t'exprimer ma reconnaissance, tu es toujours là pour moi, dans mes faiblesses et mes moments forts. Merci pour ta protection, bonne fête maman.”
Koubassare and his mother, Cecil, standing next to one another with arms in front of their bodies

Koubassare – Special Olympics Burkina Faso

World Games Sport: Judo
Mother: Cecil Babaviri

“Merci à toi maman pour le soutient ainsi que la combativité que tu ma inculpé. Tu est mon levier de dé t'aime maman.”
Lai Man Yee and her mother, Chan posing with their arms overhead to make a connecting heart shape

Lai Man Yee – Special Olympics Hong Kong

World Games Sport: Golf
Mother: Chan Lan Hei

“Thanks Mum! With your continuous support, care and love, I have had the opportunity to take part in golf competitions all around the world. You have taken me all over the world to experience different things. Happy Mother’s Day!”
Yi-Chuan Wang with his mother, 王秀雲, as they pose for a selfie together

Yi-Chuan Wang – Special Olympics Chinese Taipei

World Games Sport: Roller Blading
Mother: 王秀雲


張明哲and his mother, 林芳怡, standing shoulder to shoulder posing for a picture with masks on

張明哲 – Special Olympics Chinese Taipei

World Games sport: Men's Futsal Unified Sports® Team Competition
Mother: 林芳怡


裡玩也會載我去我想玩的地方,自從我參加特奧的五人制足球因為要練習,就很少的時間可以陪媽媽了所以我只要有空就會在家陪媽媽,看她想去哪也會陪著她一起出去玩。 最後我想說媽媽我愛妳母親節快樂”
Jed Maina with his arm around his mother, Jennifer, as they pose for a photo together

Jed Maina – Special Olympics Kenya

World Games Sport: Badminton
Mother: Jennifer Maina

“Thank you, Mum, for supporting me and helping me through hard times. Thank you so much. ❤️”
Anjela Nyambura Kamau and her mother, Martha, smiling as they pose for a photo

Anjela Nyambura Kamau – Special Olympics Kenya

World Games sport: Cycling

Mother’s Name: Martha Wangui Mwangi

“It's been 18 years of love and support any child is blessed to get from a mother. You have grow since day one into this world. You have molded me into the strong and bold lady I am. Thank you for supporting my dreams, talents and goals in life. Love you today, tomorrow and forever. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MAMA (Best friend).”
LI Zi Yu and her mother, Chen, wearing car ears while posing for a selfie together

LI Zi Yu – Special Olympics Chinese Taipei

World Games Sport: Bowling
Mother: Chen Ya Wen

“Happy Mother’s Day. Mom, I love you.”
Daniel Musekiwa and his mother, Petty, smile for a selfie together

Daniel Musekiwa – Special Olympics Zimbabwe

World Games Sport: Golf
Mother: Petty Musekiwa

“I am grateful that God gave me a very supportive mother. She is very precious and vital to me. Without her, I would not have succeeded in many things I have achieved now including playing golf. I have a song that I wrote and recorded for my mother. I love my mother very much.”
Tsai Tsung Hung and his mother, Li, take a selfie together

Tsai Tsung Hung – Special Olympics Chinese Taipei

World Games Sport: Bowling
Mother: Li Wan Lu

“Thanks for your hard work. Happy Mother’s Day.”
Angela Gosa in a candid selfie

Sharon Gosa – Special Olympics Zimbabwe

World Games sport: Golf
Mother: Angela Gosa

“Thank you, Mom, for all the support and always being there for me. l appreciate you for taking me to golf practice. l am happy that l am going to Berlin through your motivation. Thank you, Mom, I love you.”
Melanie and Elisa Nadal smiling next to one another holding chocolate donuts in front of them.

Melanie Nadal – Special Olympics Venezuela

World Games Sport: Artistic Gymnastics
Mother’: Elisa Nadal

“FELIZ DÍA DE LA MADRE! Mamá, es una persona especial y muy linda y cariñosa; es todo para mi corazón. Es mi mejor amiga. Yo siempre la quiero tener a mi lado. Te quiero mucho, más que mucho."
Christian Alonso sitting in front of his mother, Luisa, who has her arms wrapped around his shoulder as they smile for a picture

Christian Alonso – Special Olympics Venezuela

World Games Sport: Athletics
Mother: Luisa de Alonso

“Mamá, te quiero mucho. Eres la mejor mamá del mundo. Te adoro de corazón. Eres elegante y hermosa.”

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