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Creating My Vision for 2023

When I was selected as a Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger, I was proud and thankful to receive an honor like this! The position has shaped me into a spirited, thoughtful leader in the inclusion revolution, where I help define the mindset of what true inclusion looks like.

As I have been thinking back on my SSIGM leadership accomplishments, one thing that came to my mind is how my leadership skills have grown. I am now more authentic and patient with myself and others. I try to be present in conversations and my positive attitude has gone a long way in developing me as a leader. I have taken on more responsibilities and challenges because I am a leader. 

Hanna Joy Atkinson standing in front of a evergreen tree smiling and has on a red Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger polo.

These leadership skills will help me to be an even more effective advocate for myself and those with intellectual disabilities!

There are huge projects that I want to achieve before the end of my term as a SSIGM! Two are top of mind:

Project No.1: To have a panel that talks about inclusion and shows the world how Special Olympics has made an intense impact on us! This panel will be recorded as a podcast episode.

Project No.2: I would like to make a welcome letter for future SSIGM leaders. The thought is to ask the current SSIGMs about their highlights. I would ask them to answer 2-3 questions and compile the answers into a welcome letter for the next class of SSIGMS. My hope is that the incoming class of SSIGMs would be inspired and empowered to take on this new journey in their lives.

These two projects will challenge me as an athlete leader and will help contribute even more to the Special Olympics movement.

Let me challenge you…What’s your vision as a leader? How will you be the change for the future you want to see?

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