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Daina Shilts Featured in Strive Magazine

Daina Shilts holding up her silver medal at the 2013 Special Olympics.

Very few people can say that they competed in the X Games four years in a row and medaled every single time. Even fewer can say that they received an honorary ESPY award, broke a world record at an international competition, and worked as an analyst on a major network in the United States. However, Daina Shilts can and has become a symbol of leadership in the Inclusion Revolution.

Daina was born with a rare syndrome called Cardiofaciocutaneous (CFC). This means that she has some physical abnormalities, such as being petite in size, and an intellectual disability. It also means that she has had to overcome a lot to get to where she is. Daina wrote this article about her life and experiences for the October – November 2018 edition of Strive Magazine.

Watch the video, Daina Portrait.