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Dustin Plunkett

Dustin Plunkett

Dustin is an athlete and athlete leader who served as spokesman and Global Messenger for the 2015 World Games as well as on-air broadcaster for ESPN in 2015 and 2017!

Born with an intellectual disability and a cleft palate, which left him with slurred and stuttered speech, Dustin found it difficult to make friends with other kid. His struggles came with the additional burden of an unstable home life; moving often from home to home and family member to family member.

In 1996, Dustin joined Special Olympics Southern California and forged a new set of family bonds.

“Special Olympics athletes are like my brothers and sisters and the staff and volunteers are like my parents and they guide me along the way in my life.”

Dustin is active in the community and works with teens with and without disabilities in a social, educational, mentoring and athletics program at the Lakewood Recreation Center in SoCal. He also coaches and teaches basic sports skills to children ages 3-5.

Most recently, he served as spokesman and member of the Board of Directors for the LA2015 World Games--and of course on-air broadcaster during ESPN's coverage of both the 2015 World Summer Games and the 2017 World Winter Games!