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Special Olympics Athletes, Hillary Kern in a pink Special Olympics hoodie smiling for a picture. Behind her are two Special Olympics Healthy Athletes posters hung on a tan wall.
The following submission comes from Special Olympics New Hampshire athlete Parker Thornton.
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Two SO Fit coaches in red shirts and black athletic bottoms, standing above athletes that are laying on the floor that are performing chest presses with light weights.
It is well documented that people with intellectual disabilities are less active than the general population.
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Dr. Timothy P. Shriver, Chairman of Special Olympics, on the right side and Thomas J. Sheridan, Senior Director of Government Affairs of the National Head Start Association, on the left side sign the large Memorandum of Understanding along with numerous young athletes.
Dr. Timothy P. Shriver, Chairman of Special Olympics, and Thomas J. Sheridan, Sr. Dir. of Government Affairs of the National Head Start Association sign the Memorandum of Understanding.
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Denny Alldridge standing and smiling
The Special Olympics family is mourning the loss of Denny Alldridge. He died Sept. 5th at his home in Stoughton, WI. He was 72.
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Jacob Baker and Jim Kinnard, Unified pair from Special Olympics Idaho
Jacob Baker and Jim Kinnard are a Special Olympics Unified pair from Idaho. In July, Jacob and Jim attended the 2018 USA Games in Seattle to participate in the Youth Leadership Experience (YLE). They were chosen for the YLE because of their leadership skills and passion for inclusion. Afterward, they wrote about their experience.
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Special Olympics International announced today that WWE Superstar, Big Show, will be the newest Special Olympics Global Ambassador.
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“Aretha Franklin brought joy to millions — and engaged as many hearts and minds through her advocacy,” Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver said.
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Pictured: Athlete Loretta Claiborne, athlete Danielle Liebl and Unified Partner Kenny Brown.
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“Special Olympics at 50” exhibit at the National Museum of American History celebrates diversity and inclusion in sports
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An Unforgettable Moment07-25-2018.jpg
I grew up a lot that day because of the tenacity and effort of that little girl in the wheelchair.
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