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North America

There wasn’t a speck of sunlight in the sky as the frigid February wind whistled through the empty beach at Sandy Point State Park outside Annapolis, Maryland. The beach and surrounding vendor tents were quiet and empty, but they would soon be filled with thousands of kids, teachers and administrative staff taking the Cool Schools Plunge to raise money for Special Olympics Maryland.
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Special Olympics Minnesota Athlete Dave Pearson and Special Olympics Virginia Athlete Kaitlin Dykes discuss all things Polar Plunge and the #inclusionrevolution with JR Sports Brief.
Special Olympics Kansas U.S. Youth Ambassadors Daniel Schnacker and Addison Willcott tell JR Sports Brief how playing Special Olympics Unified Sports has helped shape their lives.
This year's Capitol Hill Day wasn't my first (I've been to eight others!), but it was our first in-person Hill Day in several years and I was so excited to be back! It was amazing to see so many of my favorite people in person and to meet so many new people.
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On October 27 2022, six athletes gathered at Special Olympics headquarters ready to strike a pose on behalf of the Special Olympics Webshop!
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Coach Edna coaches the American Muscle powerlifting team that consists of three female athletes and six male ranging in age from 16 to 35.
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In 2023, Special Olympics Unified Snowboarding will return for its eighth year at X Games Aspen and Unified Skiing will return for the third year.
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Getting started with the movement 30 years ago after fostering a young man with intellectual disabilities, she has been a certified coach since 2006, with swimming being her favorite sport.
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Throughout the Special Olympics North America Region, companies demonstrate what an inclusive environment should look like and how that translates throughout the communities.
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Inside a high-energy arena, with flashing lights and excitement filling the room, Special Olympics athletes and Unified partners compete against one another at the highest level in esports.
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