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Geraldo Silva: “El Deporte Es Como la Vida Misma”


I was born with hemiplegia and sport has been important and vital for my development as a functional human being. It has given me tools to continue forward and to be better. One of the tools to achieve your goals is discipline. My daily routine starts at 4:00 pm and ends at 8:00 pm at the Table Tennis Club in Corozal, a municipality north of my beloved Puerto Rico.

Like many things in life this process is very demanding. I think sport is like life itself; with pleasant and unpleasant situations. That's what it's all about; to see the two sides of the same coin and learn. I use every opportunity that life and sports provide and I give a 'kileo', as we say in table tennis, a sport that I’ve been practicing for 14 years. All these experiences and sacrifices that I’ve had along with my family --my strength-- led me to represent Puerto Rico in the Special Olympics III Latin American Games, Panama 2017.