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Leilani Gonzalez

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Changing lives of a whole family in Puerto Rico

Since his arrival at Special Olympics Puerto Rico in 2013, José Antonio Fernández has not only improve his health, it's helped unite his family.
1 Min Read

Union and Resilience in Mexico after 2017 Earthquake

Learn how members of Special Olympics Mexico continued working together to support the country and continue with their lives.
1 Min Read

Athlete Leonardo Acosta Has a Secret to His Success

Find out how he braved big swings in temperature to stand out at the 2017 Winter Games.
1 Min Read

Puerto Rican Football Player Plays Unified

Jackie Marrero, a member of Puerto Rico’s National Team, participated in a friendly with Quintana Football Academy.
1 Min Read

Meet the President of Latin America’s Athlete Leader Council

In April 2017, Julio Barrera, Special Olympics Panama athlete, was appointed President of Latin America’s Athlete Leaders Council.
1 Min Read

Geraldo Silva: “El Deporte Es Como la Vida Misma”

He was born with hemiplegia, learn why he says sports have, "been important and vital for my development as a functional human being."
1 Min Read