Jamie Foxx Learns ‘How to Live’ from Sister, a Special Olympics Athlete


DeOndra Dixon is known as an accomplished dancer, public speaker and longtime Special Olympics athlete. She's also an advocate for people with intellectual disabilities who inspires everyone she meets, especially her Oscar-winning brother, Jamie Foxx.

In a rare broadcast interview, Jamie describes his little sister, who has Down syndrome, as the "superstar" in the family. He also tells NBC's "Dateline" how DeOndra gives his life perspective.

“I learned how to live. Sometimes we get caught up in our world on the extras of everything — ‘Ah, the Mercedes is not the right color!’” he says. “And then you see this girl over here. ‘I just want to live. I want to dance. I want to love.’ She brings you back down to what life is.”

DeOndra was born in Texas, where she competed with Special Olympics for nearly a decade. After graduating from high school in 2002, she moved to California. Though it's not been widely publicized, DeOndra and big brother Jamie have been housemates ever since.


Among other things, DeOndra says she really likes to make her brother laugh. And Jamie tells NBC he appreciates everything she's taught him. He adds, "DeOndra has a light on ... that's been on since she got here, since she was born."

Now 33, DeOndra has been keeping busy since her move to California. She's a global ambassador, model and spokesperson for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. She's also a recipient of the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award.

Hear more about DeOndra and Jamie in this rare interview: https://www.today.com/popculture/jamie-foxx-learned-live-sister-down-syndrome-t136610

Foxx’s interview on Dateline airs Friday, August 31 at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT