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Special Olympics Athletes Reflect on Berlin 2023’s Legacy

EU-supported video series dives into life-changing experiences of Special Olympics athletes at the World Games 2023
Berlin 2023 Legacy Series Episode 3 - Tamara Röske - Special Olympics Germany
Model, actress, plays the clarinet and is a Special Olympics Germany athlete. "I want to show everyone what I can do," says multi-talented Tamara Röske. Get to know more about her amazing story in the third video of the EU-supported Berlin 2023 Legacy Series.

A groundbreaking European Union-supported video series launched by Special Olympics Europe Eurasia captured the compelling narratives of the remarkable athletes that competed at the World Games Berlin 2023.

Italian swimmer Anita Greco, Great Britain’s football player Bradley Stuart and German track and field athlete Tamara Röske unveiled their life-changing experience at the world’s biggest inclusive event and the positive impact that taking part in it had on them.

This Berlin 2023 Athlete Legacy Series goes beyond the surface, delving into the personal stories of triumph, resilience and self-discovery that define Special Olympics.

Tamara Röske, a model, actress and clarinet player, is not just a multi-talented individual but also a distinguished athlete representing Special Olympics Germany. "I want to show everyone what I can do," declared Tamara, encapsulating the essence of her participation in the World Games. The Berlin 2023 Legacy Series unravels her story, revealing how her diverse talents converged on the sports stage.

Stuart underscored the transformative influence that sports and Berlin 2023 have had on his identity. "If I never started playing football, I don't think I would ever be who I am today.” He now holds a bronze medal from the World Games and works at trade tools and accessories company Screwfix.

Berlin 2023 Legacy Series Episode 2 - Bradley Stuart - Special Olympics Great Britain
In the second video of our EU-supported Berlin 2023 Legacy Series, Special Olympics Great Britain's athlete Bradley Stuart describes the power sports have for changing lives, including his own, and shares his life-changing journey at this year's World Games.

Greco shared her love for open water, describing herself as a “mermaid,” therefore embodying the liberating spirit of the World Games. In a heartfelt revelation, Greco and her family expressed that Berlin 2023 was not just a competition but an unparalleled experience, “the most intense in her life.”

Berlin 2023 Legacy Series Episode 1 - Anita Greco - Special Olympics Italy
In the first video of our EU-supported Berlin 2023 Legacy Series, Special Olympics Italia's Anita Greco shares why this year's World Games were a fantastic experience for her, "the most intense in her life".

The Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 took place from 17 – 25 June in Germany for the first time ever. Thousands of Special Olympics athletes from around the world competed across 26 sports.

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