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Shooting for the Stars at NBA All-Star Weekend


Basketball players across the world dream of the chance to play alongside NBA stars. For one Special Olympics athlete, Saska Vuijicic from Serbia, that dream came true recently when she flew to LA for the NBA Cares All-Star Weekend!

Saska, aged 21 and from Krusevac, has been playing basketball since she was 12. She was always encouraged on the court by her late father, who still inspires her passion for the game today.

At the NBA Cares Special Olympics Unified Game, Saska played alongside iconic sporting heroes. She says, “I loved Ron Harper, who played on my team, The Gladiators. He made sure I got the ball and I could score points. Thanks to him, I managed an impressive dribble and got great applause from the crowd!”

The Gladiators ultimately triumphed over their opponents, The Stars. “My dad would be so proud of me,” Saska says. “My medal is placed next to his painting, dedicated to him."

She concludes, “I live for the competitions - sport is everything in the world to me!”