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Every day, our athletes inspire people everywhere to open their hearts to a wider world of human talents and potential. Learn more about the power Special Olympics has to make real change all around the world.
Young woman shows a young girl how to properly wash her hands while other young girls look on.
This story originally appeared in the Global Handwashing Partnership website.
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Athletes and volunteers dancing together and holding hands.
It’s been a month since the Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019. It proved to be one of the largest, most inclusive, most unified, most diverse and most successful World Games in the history of Special Olympics.
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Group of unified athletes stand and kneel together for a group photo. Athletes are wearing yellow and green jerseys and other young athletes have on blue Unified Champion School t-shirts.
On April 12th, Kenmore Middle School in Arlington, VA received the honor of becoming an ESPN Top 5 Special Olympics Unified Champion School.
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Mohammed Mubarak receives an eye screening at Opening Eyes; his face is being pressed against a machine by a volunteer and his eye is being examined and photographed by a machine.
Special Olympics World Games 2019 in Abu Dhabi brought together 7,500 athletes and unified partners to compete at their highest ability and break down barriers to full inclusion.
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Brothers Evan and Jay sitting side by side being interviewed.
Evan and Jay are not only brothers, they are Unified basketball teammates at Ponaganset High School, a Unified Champion School.
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A volunteer with his arm around an athlete hugging him, both are smiling at the camera.
Celebrating the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.
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Five teachers wear green Ponaganset shirts and stand in front of fountain.
At the heart of every person’s passion for Special Olympics is a story: a reason and a driving force for why one is so invested in inclusion.
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A young man and young woman pose in formal clothes.
Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools, a youth engagement and activation strategy that promotes school communities of respect and dignity, is fortunate to be able to support and interact with schools and students across the country.
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Two young women use a microphone to interview another woman.
With school going back in session all over the country, Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools is so proud to look back at all that was accomplished this past summer.
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Six diverse students pose on a basketball court
Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools® builds on Special Olympics’ values, principles, practices, experiences and impacts to shape a generation that welcomes everyone.
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Four young men sitting in a group, two have on long sleep red Special Olympics Abu Dhabi 2019 pull overs.
Five years ago, teenager Yusuf Adi Nugraha was happily playing football with his peers in Jakarta, Indonesia. During the match, the 15-year-old saw a good opportunity to score a goal. Without wasting time, he took the shot but the ball hit the post, deflected back and hit him in face, making direct contact with his left eye.
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Sayra Paola Barrios, Special Olympics Guatemala Gymnastics athlete, patiently waits to receive her new prescription glasses from the Special Olympics-Lions Club International Opening Eyes Program.
If you’ve never seen the world clearly, how would you know you are missing something?
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