Our Impact

Changing lives of a whole family in Puerto Rico


It’s scientifically proven that doing physical activity and practicing sports brings positive results in our lives, whether it’s in the physical aspect, behaviors, or social interactions. Since his arrival at Special Olympics Puerto Rico in 2013, José Antonio Fernández has excelled in international competitions, as well as learning how to manage his weight and improving his health.

"Special Olympics helped him follow rules and instructions, as well as learning how to interact within groups and integrate. This was something he didn’t know how to," explained his mother Gretchen Gronau. Special Olympics has also helped to further unite Jose’s family, who support him in his competitions and daily trainings at the Natatorio of the municipality of San Juan. Her mother points out that she has been able to relate to other parents in similar situations. "This transcends countries and, in the end, we want our children to be integrated and accepted into society," said Gretchen.