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Kevin Negandhi | accessiBe & Special Olympics

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Welcome to our special edition of Inclusion Revolution Radio and Spotlight Sessions from Special Olympics and accessiBe. It’s an exclusive series of conversations, where we talk about all things inclusion, sport and accessibility.

In our seventh episode, we were fortunate enough to speak to Kevin Negandhi, SportsCenter anchor, College Football Studio host, and a huge Special Olympics supporter. Kevin Negandhi has been a longstanding advocate for Special Olympics and has hosted the Special Olympics World Games since 2015. A trailblazer in the sports media world, Kevin has broken down barriers and set the standard of excellence for reporters and journalists everywhere.

In this episode, Kevin discusses:
  1. The story of how his passion for sports and broadcasting came about as a child.
  2. The obstacles he faced as an Indian American presenting on a national sports network, and how he overcame them.
  3. ESPN’s focus on promoting the message that Special Olympics athletes deserve the chance to be able to compete.
  4. Top tips for prospective reporters who are passionate about sports media but are finding it difficult to get their voice heard.
  5. Why the emotions during the Special Olympics is what makes the games special.
Interested in learning more about the Special Olympics? Check out their website: Want to know more about how people with disabilities access websites using accessiBe’s web accessibility solutions? Get in touch at

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