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FanSided Guest Stars on Inclusion Revolution Radio

Ian, Zach, and Hunter smile in Inclusion Revolution Radio promo.
Ian, Zach, and Hunter of FanSided guest starred on this week’s episode of Inclusion Revolution Radio.

Podcast host Novie Craven welcomed Zach Best, Ian Levy, and Hunter Armor of FanSided on this week’s episode of Inclusion Revolution Radio. Zach is the Founder and CEO of FanSided, Hunter is the Head of Video, and Ian is the Editorial Director. Topics include theinclude their recent work at the Special Olympics USA Games Orlando 2022  as volunteers, what s volunteers, what sparked their interest in Special Olympics and more.

Group of people watching a powerpoint slide in a meeting.
Informational meeting held by FanSided at the Special Olympics USA Games Orlando 2022.

FanSided’s brand is centered around sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. The outlet has over 300 communities dedicated to bringing together fans who share common interests in their favorite teams. FanSided has covered several campaigns, stories, and events over the years, and most recently attended the Special Olympics USA Games 2022 in Orlando, Florida. They continue to be outstanding supporters of our movement.

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