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Opening Eyes and Essilor Vision Foundation Focus on Inclusion Health

A male athlete has his eyes examined by a female healthcare worker. His head is in a harness allowing her to look through the microscope at his eyes.
Opening Eyes during Healthy Athletes at the Special Olympics Invitational Games Sweden 2020.

Essilor Vision Foundation recently interviewed David Evangelista, Regional President and Managing Director of Special Olympics Europe Eurasia to reflect on the partnership of the two organizations and about the impact of the Special Olympics Opening Eyes program.

The following is an excerpt from David’s discussion posted by Essilor titled Spotlight on the Special Olympics Opening Eyes Program.

What’s next for the Opening Eyes program?

Special Olympics and Essilor have committed to address the plight facing individuals with intellectual disabilities and their vision care needs. This has helped transform the lives of athletes with intellectual disabilities, their families, eye care professionals, corporate leaders, and civic leaders the world over. Essilor’s global infrastructure has been instrumental in the growth of the Opening Eyes program and has empowered us as we embark on this journey of inclusion together.

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