Youth Leaders Raise Their Voices in Turkey


As SO Turkey, we utilize the Youth Leadership Programme, in order to allow our athletes to speak for themselves and lead to inclusion movement in Turkey with PlayUnified motto.

Our athletes & partners who came from 7 different cities, had unique experiences together in those two days. Within the scope of Youth Leadership Education, our youth leaders who got education had the opportunity to learn from expert psychologists on the subjects of effective communication, self confidence and volunteerism.

They were also able to practice their accomplishments by drama activities. By designing their own works, they developed used all their talents together, from communication to hand skill. With the Youth Leadership Movement, we aim to present our athletes and partners in all areas of society, to have the right to comment, to be the voice of other their peers and to include them in all decision making processes. All in all, we are now silent; they are talking. It is their time to speak up.

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