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Community Impact

Special Olympics PEI Hosts Unified Bocce Pilot Event


Special Olympics PEI hosted a pilot Unified event. The event saw 38 students participate - 20 Special Olympics athletes and 18 Unified Partners.

The vision was to offer an inclusive competitive opportunity for High School students. We selected bocce because bocce can be played by everyone, and anyone can be really good at the sport. Bocce is also a new sport for most students.

Leadership Students from the high schools played an important roles in this event, taking part as officials, scorekeepers, fans in the stands, and coaches for their teams, committing to practices and learning the sport rules.

Overall the event was a huge success, with overwhelmingly positive feedback. The interactions between the students who participated was genuine. The event was an exemplary showing of sport, inclusion, and school spirt. We are looking forward to the future of Unified Sport in PEI.