Australian Landmarks Light Up Red for the Special Olympics 50th Anniversary
Special Olympics is calling on Europe Eurasia to light up red in a global show of inclusion this July. Special Olympic celebrates the 50 years of our movement this summer. To mark this major milestone, Special Olympics is asking everyone to Light Up for Inclusion! On July 20th, 2018 landmarks, stadia and iconic buildings around the world will turn red in a global act of unity. This exciting event will be global demonstration of tolerance, respect and a celebration of difference. Lighting up red for inclusion will help bring urgency and awareness for the inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities all over the world. David Evangelista, President and Managing Director, Special Olympics Europe Eurasia, is encouraging programmes to get involved: "As one of the largest regions, we are hoping that SOEE programmes answer this call and nominate a landmark and engage a contact to confirm a willingness to take part in the initiative." Find out more email
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On 13 April 2018, leaders from the European Fair Play Movement (EFPM) joined Special Olympics Europe-Eurasia (SOEE) Leadership Council and Sports Committee at the official Slovak Olympic Team Training Center x-bionic in Samorin, Slovakia to sign an Memorandum of Understanding that helps to promote the strengthening of fair play, tolerance, peace and inclusion through and within sport.
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The system, also used in the Olympics, will now be a part of Special Olympics competitions for years to come.
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When Eunice Kennedy Shriver hosted the first ever summer camp for people with intellectual disabilities in her backyard, it would have been hard to imagine that 50 years down the line, Special Olympics would be taking the lead to discuss an urgent issue in today’s society, the marginalisation of those already on the margins, namely, refugees with intellectual disabilities.
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The event saw 38 students participate - 20 Special Olympics athletes and 18 Unified Partners.
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The December 2017 meeting brought together UNICEF officials, Special Olympics Kosovo staff, teachers, families, coaches and children.
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Special Olympics Northern California made history when it held the run, which took place inside the California Correctional System.
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Meeting with the First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda
Just under 1400 triumphant athletes from the Europe Eurasia region arrived back as heroes following the World Winter Games in Austria.
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Behind the Scenes at 2017 World Winter Games
Ever wonder what it's like for athletes at Special Olympics World Games? See the 2017 World Games in Austria from their eyes.