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Community Impact

Special Olympics South Africa Hosted 2018 Swimming Competition

Special Olympics South Africa 2018 National Summer Games Swimming.jpg

Special Olympics swimming competition was held at Helpmekaar Skool in Johannesburg. Divisioning took place on Friday, 6th April and the Competition on Saturday 7th April 2018. The two days of swimming went well and it was an amazing experience seeing SuperSport at the pool, our athletes were very excited as they were interviewed during the course of the games.

There were a number of parents supporting the swimmers, which meant a lot to our athletes who were competing in a bid to be selected for the Special Olympics World Summer Games to be held in Abu Dhabi 2019. The volunteers from Helpmekaar Skool were very enthusiastic and helpful.

How amazing it was to see some of them dance and cheer to the music that was being played. This year’s National Summer Games really had a huge impact, this was a way for athletes to interact and make new friends as well share strategies and make new happy anecdotes.