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South Africa

Fostering Inclusion: Launch of Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools

The launch of the Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools® (UCS) Project in South Africa marked a historic moment in the nation's journey towards fostering inclusivity and acceptance.
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President Cyril Ramaphosa recognizes exceptional 2023 Special Olympics South Africa National Team

Today, on 3 October, in an historic moment of recognition, the 2023 Special Olympics South Africa National Team received a profound honor as His Excellency, President Cyril Ramaphosa, warmly welcomed them to a special ceremony hosted at the iconic Union Buildings in Pretoria.
2 Min Read

A Life Pace

Special Olympics Athlete Kamogelo Moncho, 28, South Africa, is bringing home a gold medal in the men's 5000m and a bronze medal in the 1500m but it is the sport itself that brings him the most pride.
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4,000 Special Olympics South Africa Athletes Receive Internship Opportunities

The goal is to address the challenge of unemployment in South Africa through grant funding and forming relationships with public, private, and civil society organizations on projects that will significantly contribute to job creation.
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Opportunity Created for South African Citizens with Intellectual Disabilities

South Africans with intellectual disabilities face challenges many of their counterparts in other nations do not.
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World Inclusion Day 2021

Jimmy Masina and Lou Lauria discuss Special Olympics federation partnerships and the being an athlete official.
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From Athlete Leader to Fitness Leader: Meet Banele

Banele is an athlete, basketball and athletics coach with a passion for helping others stay fit, even during a pandemic.
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Coaching Sports and Life Skills

Moeti Clement Sethunya takes a well-rounded approached to coaching football (soccer) and floor hockey at Special Olympics South Africa using it as a building block to athlete employment.
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Inclusive Fitness for All: Meet Banele

Banele is a South Africa athlete and athlete leader who built on his basketball and athletics skills to become a coach. Then, he became decided to share his training techniques with others in his community.
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Rise with the Angels, Ephraim

On behalf of Dr Mathews Phosa, it is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Mr Ephraim Mohlakane, Special Olympics South Africa board member, athlete leader, 2-time World Games medallist, husband, father and friend.
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