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South Africa

The goal is to address the challenge of unemployment in South Africa through grant funding and forming relationships with public, private, and civil society organizations on projects that will significantly contribute to job creation.
2 Min Read
South Africans with intellectual disabilities face challenges many of their counterparts in other nations do not.
1 Min Read
Jimmy Masina and Lou Lauria discuss Special Olympics federation partnerships and the being an athlete official.
1 Min Read
Banele is an athlete, basketball and athletics coach with a passion for helping others stay fit, even during a pandemic.
1 Min Read
Moeti Clement Sethunya takes a well-rounded approached to coaching football (soccer) and floor hockey at Special Olympics South Africa using it as a building block to athlete employment.
1 Min Read
Banele is a South Africa athlete and athlete leader who built on his basketball and athletics skills to become a coach. Then, he became decided to share his training techniques with others in his community.
1 Min Read
On behalf of Dr Mathews Phosa, it is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Mr Ephraim Mohlakane, Special Olympics South Africa board member, athlete leader, 2-time World Games medallist, husband, father and friend.
4 Min Read
Special Olympics athletes deserve to be healthy from head to toe, just like everyone else. See how our Fit Feet (podiatry) program makes this happen!
1 Min Read
Growing up, the schools and even some family members treated Jimmy as if he were cursed. As a referee, he is an authority figure and asset.
Joyce’s passion is sports. She uses that same passion to inspire others, especially the youth.