Special Olympics South Africa Chooses Inclusion

Special Olympics South Africa CHOOSES INCLUSION.jpg

Throughout history people with intellectual disabilities have suffered from the worst forms of abuse and discrimination mostly invisible, hidden from view and ridiculed by society, and in some cases, their own families. The world felt more comfortable ignoring the most basic human needs connection, health and hope for a better life than acknowledging people with intellectual disabilities (I.D.). But one woman altered the course of history and started a revolution to change it all.

When the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver founded Special Olympics in 1968 she took a rebellious stand against the injustices faced by people with I.D. and gave people with I.D. a chance to demonstrate their abilities, determination, and value through sport.

Special Olympics South Africa acknowledges that full inclusion must go beyond the playing field. To empower people with intellectual disabilities to live up to their fullest potential.