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Middle East/North Africa

Reflecting on the Creative Ways SO MENA Programs Connect Virtually: Highlighting Special Olympics Oman

The photo is a collage of various plants pictures shared by participants of a virtual workshop organized by Special Olympics Oman on gardening. It includes text such as "Special Olympics Oman", "Inclusive Gardening", "Virtual Workshop".

Despite the pandemic, the local Special Olympics programs’ teams continue to persevere and relentlessly succeed in organizing creative initiatives. Because of the pandemic, local programs adapted to the virtual world swiftly, taking the region by a (pleasant) surprise.

Recently, Special Olympics Oman connected through a virtual gardening session. They learnt about modern methods of agriculture together through a 40-minute awareness session. Key team members involved in the activity included: Ms. Hanan Abdullah Ankabo, Manager, Initiatives at Special Olympics Oman, and Ms. Maryam Al-Sawafieh.

The workshop included 24 attendees. Twelve planting boxes were sponsored by Bee’ah Company. Bee’ah that aims to pioneer sustainable quality of life in the Middle East/North Africa.

Few of the topics covered during the powerful workshop included the importance of climate change, green environments, working with modern farming equipment, and the use of healthy fertilizers. Participants were able to plant Jasir, parsley and radishes utilizing the content of the workshop and the planting boxes.

In face of all challenge and any adversity, the inclusion revolution continues to build momentum. After all, it is led by people who love to connect, gather, learn, and enjoy building inclusive environments, virtually as well.

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