Did you know that Special Olympics has a series of FREE online courses for coaches?

Coach and athlete assessing what is to come down the track.
Janne Matilainen from Finland and his coach during the Special Olympics Sweden Invitational Games in Åre on February 01, 2020.

Whether you are an aspiring coach, an experienced coach interested in exploring Special Olympics coaching, a Special Olympics veteran who wants to earn certifications for your learning, or just looking for a refresher, there are a number of course options for you to choose from.

The courses are FREE, available in multiple languages, and take no more than 60 minutes to complete!

Did you know?

Currently, you can take courses including Fitness Coach Training, Level 1 Sport Assistant, Level 2 Coaching Assistant and more. For information on what courses are available in which languages, review the chart below!

Course Title

Currently Available in

Coming Soon!

Fitness Coach

English and Spanish

Level 1 Sport Assistant

English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Thai

Russian, Arabic, Greek, Bahasa

Level 2 Coaching Assistant

English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Thai

French, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Bahasa

Unified Sports Coaching

English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese

French, Russia, Arabic, Greek

Young Athletes Coaching


Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic

World Games Coach Preparation

English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Greek

You can now access the CDC’s Heads Up Concussion Training course on the online learning portal. Simply log in and if you don’t see the course in your “My Learning” section, visit the catalogue section of your account. The course is free and you can access it just by clicking on it.

With the help of athletes and Program Staff, we have developed a 30-minute eLearning course for our Special Olympics community about COVID-19. This course is designed to cover the basic information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) including: what is the coronavirus, what are the symptoms, how does it spread, and how you can protect yourself.

How do I create a Special Olympics Learn account?

Find out more about the online learning portal or learn how to create an account by clicking on these easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

What our Coaches say?

"The online learning portal provides coaches and volunteers in Special Olympics Thailand the resources to gain knowledge with convenience and at each individual’s pace. Thai translated courses enable more coaches to access the learning portal and to be certified by SOI. It is the basis for advancement in SO Thailand's coaching development pathway."
Nui, Special Olympics Thailand
"A very important tool in today's era. It is convenient for the coaches to get certified for the work they are doing, help us to evaluate the coaches who are with us who are effective and those who have faded away. We have no doubt that each and every person trained by us will grab this opportunity to re-register on an international platform. It is a very prudent and well thought scheme/project/App."
Victor, Special Olympics Bharat

We are continually working on and adding new courses for coaches, health volunteers and more, so visit the site, create your account and start learning!

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