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As a child, Marie Powell's parents always encouraged her parents to participate in sports.
4 Min Read
The 39-year-old’s journey mimics many others’ who find their way to Special Olympics.
3 Min Read
For Special Olympics athlete, Chris Teich, confidence ties directly back to a key aspect of the Special Olympics Athlete Oath: Let me win but if I cannot win let me be brave in the attempt
2 Min Read
The organization, which combined both of her passions, piqued her interest, and she knew right away that it would be a great opportunity for her.
4 Min Read
A highly decorated Special Olympics coach, Annette Lynch has several favorite memories, but there is one in particular that stands out. Her Special Olympics Virginia Area 26 basketball team, the Dulles Cowboys, surprisingly qualified for the 1995 Special Olympics World Games in New Haven, Connecticut.
4 Min Read
For coaches nationwide, teaching and helping develop athletes is what drives them to continue making an impact. But for those who coach Special Olympics, it’s much more than just watching athletic success.
8 Min Read
For over three decades, Chris Meservey has shared his blissfulness with everyone he meets within Special Olympics Nevada and beyond. By career choice, he teaches public speaking at the high school level but stemming from his love of sports, he coaches basketball and swimming.
5 Min Read
Special Olympics launched Faces of Basketball, a unique online-offline activity hub and campaign.
1 Min Read
Speaking in detail, Nick DiAntonio remembers the moment he was first introduced to Special Olympics Massachusetts.
4 Min Read
Angel Arroyo began his Special Olympics journey as a volunteer and now serves as the Sport Director of Special Olympics Puerto Rico.
2 Min Read