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Exceptional Parent Magazine Features MyHealth, the Newest Special Olympics Health Resource

Girl on her computer with the homepage of MyHealth on the screen

The following is an excerpt from the article titled Special Olympics Athletes Can Explore a World of Captivating Health Resources with MyHealth, written by Special Olympics Global Health Communications, and published by Exceptional Parent Magazine.

MyHealth – an online hub for health education resources geared towards Special Olympics athletes and other people with intellectual disabilities. MyHealth offers fun and interactive pages that allow users to learn more about their health at their own pace. For example, people with intellectual disabilities can learn how to identify the signs of stress, dehydration, common dental problems, and much more.

Check out MyHealth online, built with support from Special Olympics long-standing silver partner JD Finish Line: More resources will be continuously added to this online space.

Two Special Olympics Health videos have been selected as finalists for the 2022 Sharecare Awards
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People with intellectual disabilities are dying on average 16 – 20 years sooner than the general population—due to preventable health conditions. See the person, not the disability. Join the Revolution for Healthcare Inclusion: