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Special Olympics Belgium Receives Grand Effie Award 2021

Two football athletes hugging and jumping on the field in celebration.
Special Olympics Belgium World Refugee Day 2021.

We are proud to announce that Special Olympics Belgium Road to Sustained Success has received the Grand Effie Award 2021. Road to Sustained Success started in 2016 and challenged sports clubs to open their doors to 7,500 athletes with intellectual disabilities over the span of five years. The goal was to grow athlete participation by 60 percent. In 2018, Special Olympics Belgium challenged big brands to sponsor their athletes. In 2020, they challenged potential athletes by having them showcase their skills online. The result in 2021 was that 75 percent of sports clubs opened their doors to new athletes; exceeding their goal by 15 percent.

The Grand Effie Award is given to outstanding performance marketing and spotlighting ideas that work.

Watch the Road to Sustained Success full video here!

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