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Special Olympics Russia on Front Page of Tatler

Olga Slutsker and three athletes Masha Budina, Misha Stroyev, and Yan Ovsienko standing together.
Masha Budina, Misha Stroyev, Yan Ovsienko and Olga Slutsker on the front page of the June issue of Tatler Russia. Photo courtesy of Tatler Russia.

Fashion magazine Tatler Russia dedicated its June issue to people with intellectual disabilities, featuring Special Olympics cheerleader Masha Budina, swimmers Misha Stroyev and Yan Ovsienko, and Special Olympics Russia President, Olga Slutsker front cover story!

With more than 130,000 athletes and Unified partners, Special Olympics Russia plays a major role in supporting and guiding the community towards a more inclusive society; and Tatler showed its support for our mission by featuring Special Olympics on the front cover! According to editor-in-chief, Ksenia Solovieva, the magazine wanted to focus on the challenges people with intellectual disabilities face every day. Cheerleader Masha Budina and swimmers Misha Stroyev and Yan Ovsienko, were thrilled to see their own faces smiling back at them from two different versions of the June issue of Tatler Russia.

Olga Slutsker, President of Special Olympics Russia also sat down with Ms Solovieva for an interview which focused on her passion for the mission of the movement and how sport has helped many Special Olympics athletes to find their strength and connect with the other people. Her main message for readers was summed up in one simple statement: “Let all flowers bloom.”

“I have been leading Special Olympics Russia for the last year and for me this is not just a formal position—it is my world and my responsibility. Our 62 regional branches are dedicated to working with our special athletes and help them, their families, their teachers and coaches to realize their wildest sports dreams! I am infinitely grateful to [Ksenia Solovieva] for this enlightening and historical Tatler issue!”
Olga Slutsker, Special Olympics Russia President

A number of Russian celebrities also opened up to Tatler, sharing stories of their children, some of whom are Special Olympics athletes. Among them were TV presenter Svetlana Zeynalova, Mum-of-Six brand hostess Stella Aminova, public figure, Irina Khakamada, and Dmitry Sergeyev, director general of AliExpress Russia.

Masha Budina, Misha Stroyev, Yan Ovsienko and Olga Slutsker together in a group.
Masha Budina, Misha Stroyev, Yan Ovsienko and Olga Slutsker for Tatler Russia. Photo courtesy of Tatler Russia.

Tatyana Yumasheva, head of the Fund of the First President of the Russian Federation and mother of Gleb Diachenko, a Special Olympics Russia swimmer, shared a lovely story about the relationship between her son and his grandmother: “At first, Gleb’s disability was a shock for my parents and all of my family. But they have being paying special attention to Gleb and now he visits his grandma with a great joy. […] My mom always brings Gleb his favourite biscuits and patty-cakes and she attends almost every sport and art event he takes part in. She is very present in her grandson’s life.”

The magazine offered an in-depth look at the work of Special Olympics and the personal stories of families involved in our movement. Through this feature, Tatler magazine aims to help spread the message of inclusion throughout Russia.

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