Weekly Workouts with Anytime Fitness

Tune in image for Anytime Fitness workouts: Facebook tune in 1pm ET| 10am PT

On Wednesday, April 1, Anytime Fitness launched their first live workout video in partnership with Special Olympics. Each week, a new live video will be produced that is specifically created for our athletes and people of differing abilities. All videos will be shared and stored on the Anytime Fitness Facebook page.

Anytime Fitness is encouraging everyone, regardless of ability, to stay healthy at home and will be promoting a series of weekly Wednesday workouts at 1pm ET designed for all ability levels. All videos will be 10-30 minutes long.

Anytime Fitness is a proud partner of Special Olympics with a commitment to encourage the owners and staff members at nearly 5,000 gyms to voluntarily coach, train, and support Special Olympic athletes worldwide. This includes inviting Special Olympics athletes to train at their gyms, sponsoring teams, and providing warm up activities at events.

We are grateful to the entire Anytime Fitness team for choosing to include, and look forward to athletes sending in videos of their workouts at home!

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