Volunteer's Small Gesture Made a Big Difference

Making A Difference.jpg

It's Saturday May 26, and Special Olympics Bahamas is about to kick off its annual track and field nationals. All of the athletes are ready to go...all except one young female sprinter who has no running shoes and no sneakers. In steps long time volunteer Kera Johnson who takes off her sneakers and gives them to the athlete.

Kera is left bare feet for the next few hours, continuing her tasks at the event, oblivious to what's taking place on the track. The young sprinter (Caitlyn Romer) promptly goes out and wins both the 100m and the 200m events. Not only has she won two gold medals but her surprising performance has more than likely earned her a spot on the Abu Dhabi 2019 World Games team for SO Bahamas.

This is what true volunteerism is all about. This is "Making A Difference".