British Youth Leaders Embrace the Power of Inclusion

Youth Voices Meet Special Olympics Inclusive Youth Leaders from Great Britain!.jpg

Special Olympics Inclusive Youth Leaders William Browning, aged 16, and his sister Jemima Browning, aged 17, from North Yorkshire, Great Britain are among the amazing youth leaders across the world using their energy and skills to create a more inclusive future!

William and Jemima have been Inclusive Youth leaders with Special Olympics for over a year now. Together they run the ‘Project Unify’ club in their school where they use dance and drama as a tool to bring young people together. Before joining Special Olympics, Jemima created a local swim club called ‘Stingrays’ for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Being part of Special Olympics is important to both Jemima and William. Jemima says, “I want to create equal opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities”. She adds that William has benefitted hugely from his leadership in Special Olympics and transformed from being a shy person into a leader who “people care about and listen to”.

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