A Very Special Christmas

Woman from Special Olympics Haiti competes in race at the 2019 World Games.
A Very Special Christmas Helps Send 104 Athletes to the 2019 World Games
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A Very Special Christmas - Featured Artist List
The holiday album series A Very Special Christmas is the most successful benefit recording in music history! Learn more about its impact here.
A Very Special Christmas sponsors and singers in a group wearing Santa hats.
For more than 30 years, the biggest names in music, artists like U2, Run-D.M.C., and Madonna have contributed to the “A Very Special Christmas” album series, the most successful benefit recording in history.
Girl sitting in an orange t-shirt holding a tennis racquet smiling for a photo.
Grants from the Christmas Records Trust (CRT) allow Programs from Malawi to Mongolia to create a more inclusive world through sport.
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An adult is assisting younger athletes run in the snow.
Nearly $70 million in grants have enabled the expansion of sport, health, and leadership development for Special Olympics Programs around the world.
A Very Special Christmas Lead
For over 30 years, the biggest and brightest voices in the recording industry have generously lent their time and talents to Special Olympics to create the holiday album series—A Very Special Christmas—the single most successful benefit recording in musical history.
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Jon Bon Jovi dressed up in a tuxedo singing on stage.
'A Very Special Christmas' broke records as the most successful benefit recording series ever. Take a look behind the scenes.