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Agents of Inclusion

Audacy has partnered with Special Olympics and JRSportBrief Productions to launch “Agents of Inclusion:” A Special Olympics podcast, an Audacy Original. Hosted by CBS Sports Radio host JR Jackson. Agent’s of Inclusion is a weekly show that will highlight Special Olympics athletes’ stories and accomplishments which will encourage listeners towards inclusion and action.

Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Thirty-Five

JR sits down with Albert Dorsey and Demetric Desue from Special Olympics to hear about their journey as Special Olympics athletes, why the Inclusion Revolution is so important, how they have continued to help out behind the scenes of Special Olympics, and more!

Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Thirty-Four

JR connects with a very special athlete from Illinois, Daniel Smrokowski who loves to spread the word of positivity and inclusion. Hear all about Daniel's journey, his podcast, and more.

Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Thirty-Three

JR is headed up to Pennsylvania for this episode to talk to former athlete Daniel Morales about his role in the Special Olympics and how he is spreading his message of inclusion wherever he goes.

Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Thirty-Two

JR is joined by Bobby Jones, someone who has been connected with Special Olympics for over 25 years now. Listen as JR sits down with a man of many talents.

Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Thirty-One

Former Special Olympics Athlete and current Ambassador Aliyas Sargento & current athlete, Jaeden Binion, sit down with JR. The two talk about their experiences with Special Olympics and their great friendship that formed as a result.

Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Thirty

Superstar athlete Monty Briggs and coach Chad Williams join JR for the Agents of Inclusion Podcast. The three discuss Monty's favorite memories of winning the State Championship and what inspires him to be great.

Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Twenty-Nine

This episode was taped live under the big top of the UniverSoul Circus while based in the National Harbor! Prior to the show, JR sat down with Special Olympics athlete Joe Woodland of the DMV to detail his time as a Special Olympics athlete.

Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Twenty-Eight

Gold medal-winning athlete and podcast host Novie Craven joins JR. Novie discusses her experiences as an athlete as well as her experience as the host of the Inclusion Revolution Radio podcast where she connects with fellow athletes.

Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Twenty-Seven

Brett Laza and Unified partner Kim Unland join JR. The two discuss their experience with the Law Enforcement Torch Run and their experiences in Berlin at the Special Olympics World Games.

Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Twenty-Six

Volleyball Unified Pair Megan Schnee & Michael Carpenter join JR. The two are back from the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin. They share their experience and what they've gained from their participation in the Special Olympics.