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Agents of Inclusion

Audacy has partnered with Special Olympics and JRSportBrief Productions to launch “Agents of Inclusion:” A Special Olympics podcast, an Audacy Original. Hosted by CBS Sports Radio host JR Jackson. Agent’s of Inclusion is a weekly show that will highlight Special Olympics athletes’ stories and accomplishments which will encourage listeners towards inclusion and action.
Special Olympics Rhode Island athlete and Administrative Assistant & Athlete Leadership Specialist Mary-Ellen Powers speaks with JR before her trip to Berlin for the Global Athlete Congress. Mary-Ellen began her involvement in Special Olympics in high school and has now worked for Special Olympics Rhode Island for almost twelve years. Mary-Ellen shares her love of Special Olympics and competing as an athlete with JR.
Jamaican athlete and Special Olympics employee David Duncan speaks with JR ahead of the Global Athlete Congress. David began his Special Olympics journey as a volunteer, and now he is one of the select representatives helping chart the course for athletes around the world. The Global Athlete Congress will meet in June (2023) at the Special Olympics World Games, which gives athletes a voice and agency in charting their own path forward. David explains to JR why the employment of Special Olympics athletes is of such importance to him that he is bringing the cause to the forefront of the discussion at the World Games.
The New York Red Bulls hosted a Unified Soccer team. After the game JR spoke with Isabelle Noonan and Shaeleigh Fleidner-Book about their experience playing on the professional field and more importantly, how Unified Sports is both a "movement and a message."
Special Olympics Athlete and Special Olympics Maryland Digital Media Coordinator Adam Hays joins JR to discuss the "inclusion revolution" and share his own story about how a boy born with hydrocephalus (commonly referred to as "water on the brain") and who underwent more than 30 brain surgeries can go on to win two gold medals at the USA Games and represent all athletes as one of the Law Enforcement Torch Run Final Leg team members at the Special Olympic World Games in Athens, Greece. When others have doubted Adam, he has proved them wrong by living a full life and achieving some of his wildest dreams
Ahead of this weekend's Lincoln Tunnel Challenge, avid runner Bobby Fredericks explains to JR why this road race is unlike any other in the country—beyond the fact that it takes runners from New Jersey, under the Hudson River via the Lincoln Tunnel, out into Manhattan, and back again. Then Bobby discusses how he got his start in running and in Special Olympics at the age of five. He adds insight on inclusion and perseverance, and he explains how his experience as the manager of a basketball team not only shaped him but impacted the lives around him.
Tajha Ilerant joins JR. Tajha explains how Special Olympics helped her embrace her true self and how she carries that sense of self into being a motivational speaker, Special Olympics Global Messenger, and a Special Olympics Youth Ambassador.
JR is joined by his longtime friend from the Special Olympics of Massachusetts, Michael Kelley. Michael discusses his athletic career, how it shaped him, and his work as a coach & broadcaster.
Special Olympics Montana athlete Tanner Davis and his unified partner Geri Cutler join JRSportBrief. Tanner discusses his 15-year career as a Special Olympic athlete and his love for music. Geri reflects on her experiences as a student in the Special Olympics Club at Carroll College in Montana.
JR is joined by Special Olympics Global Ambassador Amanda Harrinauth in an empowering conversation on how she embraced Autism as her superpower!
JR is joined by two Unified Sports athletes from Houston, TX - Emerson & Julian. The two explain how the Unified Sports program sparked their friendship and what it means to them to continue to grow that program. Plus, what they like to do outside of sports—including some Lego art and hunting hobbies.