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Beating the Odds: Meet Karen

One of Team Australia’s youngest athletes, 16-year-old Karen Messmer has overcome much adversity already.
1 Min Read

Special Olympics USA Games to Host Equestrian Competition for First Time in 2022

Ahead of the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games, equestrian athletes from around the North America Region care for the horses at their home stables. Everything it takes to get a horse ready to ride, the athlete will do.
4 Min Read

Samantha Soars

For SO New Zealand athlete Samantha Shepherd, Special Olympics is the place where she found belonging, personal growth and friendship.
2 Min Read

Unified Television Cast Talks about the Power of Sport in Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode

Special Olympics guest star and co-star of Power Rangers Dino Fury talk about inclusion in new videos.
1 Min Read

Bradley Robert Moore

Equestrian rider Bradley Robert Moore didn't let circumstance stand in his way.

How a Love Story Between a 10-Year-Old Girl and Horses is Making History at the World Games

Sara Mashabek’s love of horses could be described as love at first sight.
1 Min Read

USA Equestrian Spencer Roberson Sweeps Gold at his First World Games

Spencer Roberson is an accomplished athlete and volunteer who made his international debut at the Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019.
1 Min Read

Special Olympics Athlete Out to Shatter Stereotypes

Mariam Adel Azzab, the 32-year-old was born in a challenging time for a child with Down Syndrome, it was a time of exclusion, judgment and negative perceptions.
1 Min Read