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Global Athlete Input Council

Leading through Action in Kenya: Boniface’s Story

A Special Olympics Kenya athlete shares his journey with Special Olympics and why he's so passionate about improving the lives of people of all abilities in his community.
3 Min Read

Kiera Byland's Medals Include Honor from the Queen

Created in 1922, the British Empire Medal is granted by the Crown in recognition of meritorious civil or military service.
2 Min Read

Ken: Making a Better World

Through Unified Leadership, we are bringing people together to learn from each other & build a more inclusive world.

Gaining Confidence with Micheline

In finding inclusion, Micheline also found confidence and independence.

Wilson: Creating Change

By experiencing inclusion in his workplace, Wilson has seen how important it is that we learn from each other.

Jasmine Explains Acceptance

Inclusion brings out the best in everyone by allowing us to accept people for who they are.

Brightfield: A Role Model for Inclusion

For years, Brightfield was left out of his community because he seemed different. Through inclusion, he became a role model anyone would get behind!

Meet Nada: Athlete, Coach, Leader

Through inclusion, Nada has been able to channel her passion for sports and turn it into her career. As a member of the workforce, she now has influence in her community.

It’s Been a Year of Inclusion for Julio

Julio shows that all over the world, people with intellectual disabilities are chipping away at societal barriers and showing what they bring to the table.

Make Inclusion Your Resolution!

For us, 2019 has been about bringing people with and without intellectual disabilities together. As we look to 2020, help us continue our work towards building an inclusive world.