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Global Youth Leadership Summit
Four young women smiling and posing for a photo.
Youth Leaders around the world share stories from our first-ever VIRTUAL Global Youth Leadership Summit.
1 Min Read
For the past five years Simran Sahni, a Youth Leader from Special Olympics Bharat, has been on the front lines of the inclusion revolution.
1 Min Read
Over the course of 4 days, more than 150 youth and adult leaders from over 35 countries gathered together, making connections, proposing solutions and learning from each other.
Over 150 youth and adult leaders, with and without intellectual disabilities have gathered at the Global Youth Leadership Summit to develop the skills needed to lead their communities on the movement for inclusion.
2 Min Read
In March 2019, our Global Youth Leadership Summit will bring together unified young leaders of the Special Olympics movement to mold a new world.
More than 150 young and adult leaders with and without intellectual disabilities from over 35 countries will come together in Abu Dhabi this March to share and develop their ideas for a more inclusive world.
7 Min Read