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Gothia Special Olympics Trophy

A category within the annual Gothia Cup, the world’s largest and most international youth football tournament which takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden each summer.

Being a Leader Means Bringing a “Fighting Spirit”!

Speaking at his team’s Gothia Special Olympics Trophy debut in Gothenburg, Special Olympics Sweden athlete, Joakim Lantz discusses what it takes to be a good leader.
1 Min Read

SKF and Special Olympics France: A Powerful Partnership

Through the power of football, a strong bond has developed between SKF and Special Olympics France athletes.
1 Min Read

“I’m Not Afraid to Play!”

Kimberley and Rachel, aged 16, are the only two girls on their football squad of ten. They represent a new generation of girls with intellectual disabilities determined to spread their passion for football far and wide!
1 Min Read

Gothia Special Olympics Trophy: Results

30 teams. 15 nations. Six groups. After 72 matches over four days, by the time the Gothia Special Olympics Trophy finals took place, every player on the pitch was deserving of triumph!
2 Min Read

Integration in Action: Gothia Special Olympics Trophy

For one week every year, Gothenburg, Sweden is consumed by football fever as the Gothia Cup takes hold of the city—and the Gothia Special Olympics Trophy is right at the heart of it!
3 Min Read