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SO Athletes and Tim Tebow Inspire Mets Big-Leaguers

Group of New York Mets players and SO athletes on the field for a group photo.

Every year, the St. Lucie Mets invites 50 Special Olympics Florida athletes to a spring kick-off pizza party. This inclusive event has a big effect on the big-leaguers and Special Olympics athletes alike. The event was covered by Rising Apple in an article titled: St. Lucie Mets help Inclusion Revolution thrive with Special Olympics Florida partnership.

The St. Lucie Mets' longtime partnership with Special Olympics has given rise to an annual clinic attended by Mets big-leaguers and coaches, as well as 50 Special Olympics athletes who are about to change those big-leaguers and coaches' lives for the better by helping explain, through enthusiastic action, the beauty of the game of baseball.

As Rising Apple reported, this year’s pizza party special guest was met with excitement by everyone in attendance.

Though every season and every event is special, and could lead to the long-lasting bonds that create volunteerism and perfect coaching fits, one Tim Tebow's arrival at the clinic was particularly special for Blair, who remembers the hush that fell over the field almost as clearly as what shattered it.

"These athletes just idolize [Tebow], and he's so amazing with all of them," Blair noted. "We typically have the whole team introduce themselves at the beginning, so all the athletes are sitting down. It got real quiet for a second, and all of a sudden, we just see Tim kind of gesture, and one of the athletes just sprinted all the way up from the back, gave him the biggest hug. Everyone was in tears because it was the most special moment ... just to see those athletes be able to meet one of their idols, and for him to be a part of that year's clinic."

Group of New York Mets players and SO athletes on the field for a group photo.

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