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Agents Of Inclusion: Episode Twenty-Five

Kearsty McCoy, a Special Olympics USA swimmer joins JR fresh off her trip to Berlin for the Special Olympics World Games and tells the stories behind her 50-plus medals!

“An Amazing Feeling”—Swimmer Wins Gold, Twice

"Nobody judges me or my disability. It's where I feel happy and can be myself."
1 Min Read

Caroline Tangitau Sweeps Silver in Powerlifting

Caroline Tangitau traveled more than 11,027 miles/17,500 km from New Zealand to Germany to participate in the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 in women’s powerlifting.
1 Min Read

World Games Spotlight: Rehan Ali, Libya

Rehan grew up in a part of Libya where people with Down syndrome face widespread discrimination in education, training, and even medical care. Early on, her family had to cope with stigma and her rejection from society.
1 Min Read

Sports Help Me “Be Myself” Taylor’s Story

Taylor MacKenzie sees sports as a great equalizer: when she’s in the water she doesn’t feel any different from other people.
1 Min Read

Jaime Cruz: Actor, Activist, World Games Competitor!

Jaime Cruz Juscamaita wants to build a better world for people with intellectual disabilities—one play, one speech, one competition at a time.
1 Min Read

Coach’s Three-Decade-Long Involvement with Special Olympics Leads to Outstanding Coach Nomination

Getting started with the movement 30 years ago after fostering a young man with intellectual disabilities, she has been a certified coach since 2006, with swimming being her favorite sport.
3 Min Read

With Unified Relay at Swimming World Cup

Our Special Olympics swimmers experienced something special: they competed in a joint relay with the stars of the scene at the FINA World Cup in Berlin—an important sign for inclusion and equality.
1 Min Read

Un athlète d’Olympiques spéciaux Québec fracasse les records aux Jeux d’été du Canada Niagara 2022

Le 16 août 2022, l’athlète d’Olympiques spéciaux Gabriel Dupuy a pris place à la ligne de départ pour sa première course aux Jeux d’été du Canada Niagara 2022. Gabriel y représentait Équipe Québec en athlétisme, concourant aux épreuves du 100 m et du 200 m.
1 Min Read

Special Olympics Quebec Athlete Breaks Multiple Records at Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games

Inclusion in the Canada Games gives Special Olympics athletes the chance to shine in front of their peers from generic sports, and gain experience at major competitions.
1 Min Read