Unified Champion Schools

From August 2021 to May 2022, The Decade of Inclusion interview series will capture the past, present and future of the partnership between Division III and Special Olympics. This is the sixth article in the 10-part series.
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JR Jackson of CBS Sports Radio teamed up with Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools® to host the "Media for the Movement" tour.
1 Min Read
Speaking in detail, Nick DiAntonio remembers the moment he was first introduced to Special Olympics Massachusetts.
4 Min Read
As the Unified Champion School project spreads around the world, Special Olympics Pakistan hosts Unified Hikes to engage students and community members.
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During the 2020 – 2021 schools year, Hasbro and Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools honored 4 schools for their work of inclusion.
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Special Olympics Pennsylvania head coach Erica Milliron might not be as experienced as other Special Olympics coaches, but she still understands the importance of Special Olympics Unified Sports® and the lessons it teaches students.
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Detroit announced as the host city for the 2022 Special Olympics Unified Cup.
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Special education teacher Ramona works with Special Olympics Romania to provide opportunity for her students with and without disabilities.
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Gazing into the camera with her genuine smile, Amy Wiesenhutter shares the story of how she found her passion for coaching Special Olympics Texas through mentor Patsy Reyna Henry's considerable influence on her life.
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