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Unified Cup

From Unknown to Top of the Podium: Detroit’s Rising Champions

Just a few miles down the road from their Detroit homes, history was made for a group of students from the Drew Transition Center.
2 Min Read

Coaching a Special Olympics Unified Team

Hear from Special Olympics Unified Football coaches about their reasons for being involved in Special Olympics, what makes it so special, what they try to teach athletes and what the athletes teach them.

A Day in the Life of a Special Olympics Program at the Unified Cup

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a team at the Unified Cup or other Special Olympics competitions? Follow three of our programs on their daily schedules in Detroit while competing at the 2022 Unified Cup.

Officials with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities IDD

Listen to Hassam and Garrett’s journeys to becoming an official, and the benefits that being an official has for them.

Alvaro’s Story – Athletes in Leadership Positions

Alvaro Brochero is a Special Olympics Athlete from Venezuela. He is a football coach, an advisor and an Athlete Leader.

Unified Cup 2022 Presented by Toyota

The Special Olympics Unified Cup presented by Toyota was hosted in Detroit Michigan in July 2022. As the second iteration of the Cup, this single sport competition was built on the inaugural installment in Chicago in 2018.

Guatemalan Soccer Star Leads Special Olympics Guatemala Futsal Team to Gold in Berlin

Renowned Guatemalan national team member and international soccer player, Maria Fernanda Rossell, is making an impact on and off the pitch as a coach at Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023.
1 Min Read

After Unified Cup Success, Dominique DeHerrera Aims for Even Bigger Name

Dominique DeHerrera may be undersized, but her size doesn’t hold her back on the soccer pitch. Having played the sport since the age of four, the now 20-year-old DeHerrera gets to show her athletic ability and intense competitive spirit at the forward position. Her fierce and mighty style of play has created opportunities that only a select few get to experience.
3 Min Read

Athlete Leader Ben Haack Covers the Special Olympics Egypt vs Special Olympics Costa Rica Game Egypt vs Costa Rica

In an amazing, tight suspenseful game where there were 14 brilliant saves from the goalkeepers and there was brilliant pulsating football (soccer) that captured the… well then whistle blew for normal time at 1-1.
1 Min Read

90Min Covers Unified Cup 2022 Finals, the online football (soccer) news site, covered the women’s and men’s Division 1 final matches of the Special Olympics Unified Cup Detroit 2022.
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