Athlete running in blue Adidas shorts and tank top. His bib reads 430.
For the first time, five Special Olympics athletes from five states around the U.S. have qualified to run in the annual Boston Marathon.
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A longtime athlete who joined a ski team when she was 8, Virginia Wade skis every weekend in winter while also training in gymnastics six to 12 hours a week.
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The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games took place in Seattle. This was made to get everyone excited about what was a spectacular event.
Robert won back to back gold medals at the 2015 Summer Games in Los Angeles and the 2017 World Winter Games in Graz, Austria.
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Duncan and Cedric followed their sister Victoria to World Games 2017, and they couldn't stop raving about the athletes.
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Learn what he asked a three-time Grammy Award winner to do for his girlfriend—and why he got so much well deserved attention.
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