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Take Your Commitment Up a Notch & Level Up for Inclusion!

Level Up For Inclusion

In celebration of Global Week of Inclusion, we are excited to invite you to Level Up for Inclusion! Each day, we ask you to take your commitment to inclusion up a notch by participating in the day’s challenge.

How to Participate

  • Download your Level Up for Inclusion scorecard so you can keep track of the day’s challenges.
  • Plan how you can achieve each item.
  • Post each day what you are doing on social media and use #InclusionRevolution.
  • Keep track of what you are doing by coloring in the scorecard after you do the day’s activity.
  • When the challenge is over, post a selfie with yourself and your completed scorecard!


Check out each level here:

Eunice Kennedy Shriver holding an athletes arm up in victory.

July 20

Level 1: DREAM: What does your dream for an inclusive world look like?
Share your dreams for an inclusive world. How are people treated? How do you feel? What are your hopes?

July 21

Level 2: PLEDGE: Take the pledge & join the #InclusionRevolution.
Encourage your friends to join in our mission by sharing the #InclusionRevolution pledge on your social media. Here is the link to share:

  • COPY & PASTE: Our world is more divided than ever and coming together has never been more urgent. Join the athletes of @SpecialOlympics as they lead a revolution to create a more inclusive world. Show your support for their vision & take the #InclusionRevolution pledge:
School of Strength Special Olympics athletes and WWE athletes.

July 22

Level 3: PLAY: Share how you #PlayUnified! Post a picture of you participating in your favorite Unified Sport or join us for a unified workout!

  • Class is in session for the School of Strength! Participate in a Unified Workout with Special Olympics athletes & WWE Superstar Becky Lynch

July 23

Level 4: LEARN: Inclusion journeys look different for everyone. Play our Inclusion Tiles Game to learn about the different things people may have experienced on their way to finding their community of acceptance.

Stephanie holding two paper cranes.

July 24

Level 5: CREATE: Use your art to express how you feel! From drawing to music, show the world how you feel through what you are able to create!

July 25

Level 6: WATCH: See how people around the world are making inclusion a priority in their communities.

July 26

Level 7: NOMINATE: Is there someone in your life who is making a difference through inclusion? Nominate them as a Champion for Inclusion & celebrate their commitment to create justice and joy for all!

Images of 6 people in three different photos with text that reads: Who is your Champion?

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Join the Revolution

As we move forward, we need to know you’re with us. Be a revolutionary and help end discrimination against people with Intellectual Disabilities.