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Special Olympics has competitions, programs and initiatives all around the world, every day of the year. Here's a look at what it's all about.
Special Olympics 50th Anniversary. Listen to: Loretta Claiborne, Athlete & Board Member, Special Olympics; Tom Marcello, Athletic Director; Evan and Jason Hallberg, students and brothers; Cory Chandler, Former Unified Sports Coach; Eddie Yarbrough, Special Olympics Ambassador and Professional NFL Player and others.
Join Myron, and Unified Athlete, along with Chloe, a Unified Partner, U.S. Youth Ambassadors from Washington, for this episode of Unified Talks on Advocating for Others.
Join Aidan, and Unified Athlete, along with Katrina, a Unified Partner, seniors from Minnetonka High School in Minnesota, for this episode of Unified Talks on Connecting with a Cause.
Join Katherine Stineman and Gracie Flanagan, U.S. Youth Ambassadors from Kansas, for this episode of Unified Talks on Empowerment (part 2).
Join Katherine Stineman, a U.S. Youth Ambassador from Kansas, for this episode of Unified Talks on Empowerment (part 1).
Founded by two youth leaders in 2009 as Spread the Word to End the Word, the campaign focused its first 10 years on addressing a particularly powerful form of exclusion: the word ‘retard(ed)’. Over 10 years, leaders and self-advocates collected millions of digital and physical pledges to end the R-word. Each was a personal commitment to acknowledge the hurt caused by the R-word and to be respectful in the words and actions taken towards people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. With leadership from Special Olympics and Best Buddies, and support from hundreds of other advocacy organizations, the campaign grew from a handful events in 2009 to reach thousands of schools by 2018.
People often wonder about the origin of Special Olympics. In the early 1960s, Eunice Kennedy Shriver founded Camp Shriver, a revolutionary first step to one day becoming Special Olympics.On this week's episode of Inclusion Revolution Radio, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to hear from Mary Hammerbacher Manner. Tune in to hear her experience as a counselor at Camp Shriver, her favorite moments with Eunice Kennedy Shriver, and what working as a camp counselor taught her about inclusion.
Watch the video to hear Youth Leaders around the world share their stories following our first-ever VIRTUAL Global Youth Leadership Summit.
Why does inclusion matter? For young people with intellectual disabilities like Mackenzie, it's the chance to gain confidence and be accepted, often for the very first time. She says it’s easy to be a Champion of Inclusion: “Just talk” to each other—and sign the Inclusion Pledge! #CelebratingChampions
Inclusion is a game-changer for parents of toddlers with intellectual disabilities like Jorel, who only hear what their child canNOT do. The inclusive Special Olympics Young Athletes program focuses on all they CAN do, which is A LOT! Join our joyful #InclusionRevolution—please sign the pledge.
Inclusion changes everything for people with intellectual disabilities like Hanako, who fights negative stereotypes every day. Her vision: a world where “there are no differences”—and people of all abilities work together. Be a Champion of Inclusion like Hanako & sign the Inclusion Pledge: #CelebratingChampions
When people with—and without—intellectual disabilities play & learn together, this builds understanding and friendships, all around the globe. Join us as we create a better, more hopeful world! Sign the Inclusion Pledge! #CelebratingChampions