Special Olympics has competitions, programs and initiatives all around the world, every day of the year. Here's a look at what it's all about.
Peter Mullin (works for the Washington Wizards) at the game in a red shirt that reads: Wizards Power Pack. He's dancing and smiling.
Through the Best Buddies Jobs program, Peter Mullin is changing the game for inclusion at his job with the Washington Wizards.
An illustration of a person running, text that reads: Special Olympics Health | Made possible by Golisano Foundation. Text that reads: Some Special Olympics athletes have a passion for health and fitness.
Health Messengers are Special Olympics athletes who have been trained to serve as a health and wellness leaders, educators, advocates and role models within their communities.
Split screen of SO Germany and SO representatives at Special Olympics World Tennis Invitational in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic talking to one another and announcing Special Olympics 2023 will be held in Berlin, Germany.
Johanna Pramstaller, Special Olympics Austria, was excited to announce that the 2023 World Games will be held in Berlin, Germany.
Rajah Diouri Sy looking at the interviewer (that is off camera/photo) and telling her story.
Rajah, volunteer National Director of Special Olympics Senegal, partners with her community to open up opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.
Raphael Nadal speaking to the camera.
World tennis champion Rafael Nadal sent this video messages for all of the players taking part in the Special Olympics World Tennis Invitational in the Dominican Republic.
athletes standing on the street in a group in Senegal.
Watch as this year’s Special Olympics Senegal athletes prepare for the World Games 2019 Abu Dhabi at training camp, held from 31 August – 2 September 2018 in Mbour.
Ken Melvin in is US Army camouflage uniform sitting for his photo in front of the american flag.
Before Ken Melvin found Special Olympics, he was on a path that led to nowhere.
Young athlete with his mother sitting outside on a porch.
The Inclusion Revolution takes all of us, and sometimes it’s parents who are leading the charge.
Arpita Mohapatra sitting in an interview by the film team. She is outside sitting on a chair, she has her hair pulled back and is wearing a blue polo. Text on the screen reads: Arpita Mohapatra, Special Olympics Bharat Coach. "Rain is the way of life in India."
To combat the deadly floods that ravage Odisha, India every year, Arpita Mohapatra trains children with and without intellectual disabilities in open water swimming, an important and often life-saving skill.