Special Olympics has competitions, programs and initiatives all around the world, every day of the year. Here's a look at what it's all about.
Special Olympics New York athlete Cori makes a case for inclusive healthcare.
A coach in Iran says "if we embrace the qualities of our athletes into our daily lives, we can build a world of justice, equality, and happiness." Read more about what he's learned from SO athletes here.
Poor nutrition can lead to poor health. Challenge yourself to snack healthy & kickstart your journey to better health...with some quick tips from our athletes!
People with intellectual disabilities face significant challenges in accessing quality healthcare. Health-care providers (HCPs) can change this ... by joining the Revolution for Healthcare Inclusion!
Join us as we advocate for equity—and respect—in health care for people of ALL abilities!
Carl's moves help him stay fit. Through his zumba classes, he is showing the world how people with intellectual disabilities can lead us all to better health...if you move like Carl!
People with intellectual disabilities are dying on average 16 years sooner than the general population—due to preventable health conditions. Don’t leave people with ID behind during this critical time: Join the Revolution for Healthcare Inclusion:
Special Olympic Asia Pacific Celebrates Women's History Month.
Sisters Shaye and Sharita from Ohio received their COVID-19 vaccines and shared their experience.