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Special Olympics has competitions, programs and initiatives all around the world, every day of the year. Here's a look at what it's all about.

Tony Snell | accessiBe & Special Olympics

In this episode, we honor Autism Acceptance Month with our notable guest Tony Snell. Tony is a professional basketball player in the NBA who was diagnosed with autism in 2023, after his son was diagnosed at 18 months.

Inclusion Revolution Radio: Tim Shriver Jr. and Soeren Palumbo Season 6 Episode 3

Welcome to our special edition of Inclusion Revolution Radio and Spotlight Sessions from Special Olympics and accessiBe. It’s an exclusive series of conversations, where we talk about all things inclusion, sport and accessibility. This episode is brought to you by United Airlines who is a proud partner of Special Olympics' Capitol Hill Day.

الخطوات التالية

In this video, you will hear families share how communicating with their child's health care providers, joining parent support groups and becoming involved with Special Olympics helped support the wellbeing of their entire family.

Embrace differences. Celebrate uniqueness. Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Did you know individuals with Down syndrome possess unique talents and abilities?