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Sou Sin Leng, 2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Sou Sin Leng

2023 Global Athlete Congress Participant

Sou Sin Leng is an athlete from Special Olympics Macau in the East Asia Region. Sou participates in bocce and ice skating. She has been involved in Special Olympics since 2015.

Sou’s favorite parts about Special Olympics are sports and arts.

Sou is excited for the congress in Berlin. She is looking forward to interacting with other athlete leaders from different countries.

Sou is employed as a waitress at COD Staff Restaurant. When Sou isn’t working or competing, she enjoys make up artistry, singing, shopping, and relaxing with friends.

Sou says that being an athlete leader means that she can promote community inclusion which leads Special Olympics athletes to integrate into a community.

Project Description

Sou’s grant plan is to implement an athlete leader led one day work experience. The one-day event will be held by the Special Olympics Macau athlete leadership council and supported by staff. Prior to the event there will be training for the athlete leaders who will serve as waitstaff, receptionists, and runners at the restaurant. The customers of the event will include Special Olympics athletes and families. In addition to dining at the event athlete leaders will also present the Special Olympics leadership skills curriculum.

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