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Research and Evaluation
The Research and Evaluation Team works with athletes and families, SO regional, national and local programs, locating operating committees, academic institutions and universities, government agencies, and more to enhance the SO mission.

Athlete being presented a medal


Explore Special Olympics’ Research and Evaluation at work. In our spotlight, we highlight recent work in the field of IDD as part of our efforts towards making the world a more inclusive place.

The Research & Evaluation Team

Andrew Lincoln

Vice President, Research and Evaluation

Alicia Dixon-Ibarra

Director, Fitness & Health Research

Ashlyn Smith

Director, Research & Evaluation

John Hanley

Director, Data Scientist

Michael Rosanoff

Director, Health Services Evaluation

Kiki Martin

Specialist, Research & Evaluation

Hope Murray

Manager, Dissemination & Implementation Science

Scientific Advisory Board Members

Brian Abery

University of Minnesota

Alexandra Bonardi

Human Services Research Institute

John Foley

SUNY Cortland

Ben Haack

Special Olympics International Board of Directors

Susan Havercamp

Ohio State University

Scott Landes

Syracuse University

Meghann Lloyd

Ontario Tech University

Roy McConkey

University of Ulster

Eric Rubenstein

Boston University

Heidi Stanish

University of Massachusetts, Boston

Athlete Advisory Board Members

Elizabeth Campbell

Special Olympics Texas

Amanda Koch

Special Olympics Missouri

Allen Tobin

Special Olympics Missouri

Kimberly Schickley

Special Olympics, Pennsylvania

Tim Taggart

Special Olympics Texas

Kelly Unangst

Special Olympics, Pennsylvania